Trouble writing emails that are friendly in tone?

Studies show e-mail messages are interpreted incorrectly 50% of the time.* ToneCheck™ is an e-mail plug-in that flags sentences with words or phrases that may convey unintended emotion or tone, then helps you re-write them. Just like Spell Check… but for Tone.

*Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2006

Avoid continuous editing and unnecessary conflict with ToneCheck™.

From the front page of their website:

Stop e-mail confusion
before it happens.

When was the last time you interpreted an e-mail the wrong way? Or wondered what got a customer, friend, or colleague so upset – only to discover it was your perceived tone?

Words are loaded emotional weapons.

ToneCheck™ ensures your tone is clearly communicated and understood before you hit the SEND button. It evaluates words and phrases for the intensity of 8 primary emotions, allowing you to make corrections and adjust the overall tone before you send the wrong message.

Look at to keep your emails user friendly.  Check it out.