The Knights, called New Riders of the Golden Age, are about to ride onto film festival screens everywhere.  This film should be finished before the end of summer and then submitted to film festivals all over the US.  Once film festivals are completed, Horses and heroes will be shown on a national TV network that reaches about 50 millions people daily.

A domain has been purchased:  A website is being put together over the next few weeks.  And, of course, the working title of War Horse has been changed to Horses and Heroes.  You can find out more about New Riders of the Golden Age on their Facebook page by the same name.

The horses are larger breeds like Percherons, Clydesdales, and Belgiums  since they carry the weight of their own armor (140 lbs) plus the rider (average 175 lbs) and the rider’s armor (150 lbs).  The training is extensive yet gentle, with a lot of it being centered around desensitizing the horses to loud noises so they can perform in front of crowds at Renaissance Fairs.

Here are a few photos we’ve made as we’ve filmed this year.  The location, War Horse Farm, is located in Sarasota, FL.   Hank has done most of the filming, along with support from our friend, Adam Mayefsky. Yvonne has directed and scripted the interview questions.  Only 1 more interview session left to complete and we can begin editing, hopefully in early June 2013.  We are aiming for a November advanced showing in Clearwater, FL.

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