We know you think we are going to tell you we stand for honesty, integrity and creative quality.  Those are all rue.

This post is about how we named our company, VonHenry Productions, which in 2010 evolved into VonHenry Media. 

Back in 2006 we decided to incorporate.  We had successfully been accredited as Producers through Access Pinellas and had worked on several productions at their TV studio in downtown Clearwater.  Hank worked on camera and editing several shows.  Yvonne was the host for a fellow producer who didn’t like to be on camera (a passion was ignited–she loves interviewing people on camera!).

A photographer friend of ours said there was a huge demand for videographers at events.  We needed cameras and purchased two Sony PD-170s, the exact camera we had used during our training at Access Pinellas.  They are true workhorses, still functioning and useful to us today, even though they are SD not HD cameras.  (Side note:  when we purchased these two cameras the cost for both rigs was about $10,000.  We recently upgraded to HD cameras with a ton of additional items like a teleprompter, jib, etc. for two rigs, at about half that price–technology is on our side!)

VIOLA!! We were in business.  But to incorporate we needed a name.  We tossed around names for weeks, trying to come up with something that contained the idea of what we did but didn’t sound too corny.

We weren’t having much luck but one day it occurred to us.  We admired Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz very much.  We had even thought about owning a Chihuahua and a poodle, naming them Ricky and Lucy.  Okay, that’s corny but that’s another story for another day!

At lunch at Village Inn, it occurred to us that maybe we could choose something that reminded us of our heroes, Lucy and Desi, like Desilu…Yvonne and Henry offered us a variety of options, but Von for Yvonne and Henry for–well–Henry!  VonHenry Productions was born.  We could finally incorporate.

In 2010 we renamed our company VonHenry Media to more accurately reflect what we produce; web and TV commercials, training videos, walk through tours and Q&A videos to name a few.  We’ve evolved from a company that covered events part time to a company that has won an award for our documentary work–best document feature–at a film festival for one of our films.  We keep evolving and redoing our business plan as needed.

No matter what we call ourselves, VonHenry Media will work on your project with the same dedication you’ve come to expect from us.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your message out to the world!  Call us today at  727-535-5425 or email us at info@vonhenry.com.



Early logos:

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www.vonhenry.com      727-535-5425   info@vonhenry.com

www.vonhenry.com 727-535-5425 info@vonhenry.com







And Current Logo: