GREAT EXPECTATIONS! What to expect when producing your first video at VonHenry Media

If you are thinking about working with VonHenry Media to produce your new video marketing piece, you might like to know how the process flows.  Here are the major steps/overview so you’ll know what to expect.  Great storytelling and excellent production values create the bst video you could ever expect!

  • We meet to determine your needs, what you want to accomplish and what is your targeted audience.

  • A proposal is generated that addresses needs, deliverables and budget.

  • Approval of proposal.  At this point your signature on our proposal/contract along with your deposit places you on our production schedule.

  • A script is developed and approved (this takes about a week).

  • Project is filmed and downloaded into our computers for editing.

  • Editing begins once all graphical materials have been received.  We need your logo, correct spelling of employee’s names, etc. Editing for a 3 minute web commercial may take about 1 full day’s work over a week’s time frame.

  • You  receive the first editorial review with time codes.  You review and make a list of any changes (using the time code reference) so final edits can be completed.  One cosmetic edit is included (from the time coded file).  After that invoicing is at our current rate.  There shouldn’t be any major revisions at this point because you’ve been a part of the process all along and know what to expect.

  • Final payment is due at the time you receive the time coded version (an invoice is generated which is due upon receipt).

  • Edits from the time coded version are made and a final is sent to you in the formats you may want–for YouTube, for direct embedding on your website or for duplication.  (BTW, if duplication is required, we will generate up to 10 copies in our studio for a small fee; after that we have resources for duplication and will design a label and DVD cover for your project if needed). 

  • VOILA!  You’ve produced your first video!!!   

Once you see how well video serves your sales and marketing needs, you’ll be ready to move forward with another project–after all, you’re a PRO now.  VonHenry Media, an award winning media production company, creates commercials for both the web and TV, training films, walk-through tours, introduction to services as well as FAQ/Q&A videos.

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