If you like horses or Renaissance Fairs, this film is right up your alley.  It’s about jousting and training knights and horses to perform under what can only be called controlled chaos.  Think of it as “The Horse Whisperer” meets “Thunderdome”.

We are very close to being finished with the editing of the film and hope to have a late Spring or early Summer premier at a local theater.  We want to also use it as an opportunity to contribute to a horse charity, still determining where we are going with that.

Cast members in the film are Kelly Bailey and his performing troupe, Dave Schade, Ashley Carter, Josh sayles, Mark Desmond, Danielle Kilpatrick, Shannon Hinricks, Herbert Graves, Sam Kuecker  at Warhorse Productions in Sarasota.  They have been training draft horses for a long time.  Warhorse sends out two troupes each year to perform all over the country at Renaissance Fairs, locally at the Bay Area Renaissance Fair at Mosi.

Crew on this film is Hank Charneskey, Director of Photography and Editor, Yvonne Charneskey, Director and Script, Adam Mayefsky, Film Crew.

A web page is under development.  Along with one for our new film production company.  VonHenry Media is branching out!

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