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Build Your Audience and They Will Come by Miriam Goodspeed, Guest Writer


“Build your own audience (because) you are not making films but building an audience,” Hank Charneskey, partner at VonHenry Media, Inc., advised Florida Film Network members and guests at the May General Meeting.

Yvonne and Hank Charneskey at PPGCC Awards Banquet where they received Small Business of the Year Award for 2013.

Yvonne and Hank Charneskey at PPGCC Awards Banquet where they received Small Business of the Year Award for 2013.

He added that in regards to the entertainment business and other careers, “people today are taking things in their own hands. You can write your own ticket,”
Hank and Yvonne Charneskey are owners of the entertainment production company which has a small studio with a green screen in Clearwater. The company makes industrial, commercial (TV & Web) and education/training films as well as documentaries.
Their company’s first documentary, Go Mickey Go played in three film festivals and won Best Documentary Feature at the Los Angeles International Film Underground Film Festival in 2013. “Horses and Heroes” is their second documentary and they recently completed one about the Palm Harbor History Museum.
In their current business for eight years, they were shooting video for various kinds of functions before they decided to venture in commercial work. In shooting those early projects, they would try to make each story different, whether it was about a horse show or a wedding.
Hank has a corporate background while Yvonne’s is in journalism and art. They approach new clients by asking “how can we help you?” And their company has grown its reputation to such a point that their commercial work and web-based documentaries “come to us.”
VonHenry Media, Inc. recently was awarded the 2013 Small Business of the Year Award from the Pinellas Park Gateway Chamber of Commerce.
To help create the company’s various projects, the couple have a writing stable of about four people whom they find easy to work with and with whom Hank likes to bounce his ideas off of and get fresh ideas The Charneskeys say their company may be a business, but they like to have fun at it, too.


Miriam GoodspeedMiriam Goodspeed is a tampa Bay writer and production specialist.  More inforamtion and to contact Miriam, click here.  This article appeared in the June issue of the Florida Film Network newsletter.  Used with permission.



SEE GO MICKEY GO:  Go Mickey Go is playing at the Ritz Film Festival in Winter Haven this weekend, June 21 at 11 AM.  Tickets available here:  http://www.ritzfilmfestival.com/