Please Join Us–The Value of Video Book Trailers Free Event

FREE EVENT:  You are invited to join us next Monday, July 28th, at 1:00 PM as we speak to the Business and Professional Writer’s Guild (BAPWG) to discuss the merits of a video book trailer and how effective they can be in promoting and selling books.  The event begins at 1:00 PM and is held at the Panera Bread at the corner of Bryan Dairy & Starkey Roads in Largo (Bardmoor Center).  We understand that members of PINOWAR have also been invited.  If you’re an author, this meeting is of great value to you.


Video book trailers are a way an author can showcase their book(s) and generate sales, attract book signing opportunities, and garner media interviews.  Authors expect their publisher to produce them, but we’ve heard authors bemoan the fact that even though it’s in the contract, after a year it still isn’t done.  That’s when they contact us.

What is required to produce a book trailer like the ones shown here?

1)    Script – whether you write it or we write it, it is required

2)    Photos – of the book and the author.  Possibly video footage for the higher priced video.

3)    Contact info

There are guidelines for script writing that we’ll share with authors to produce a quality product.  Turn around time is about a  week.  We require that your script must be sent to us in an email.  We want the information to come directly to us from your computer!

While we utilized the information on the back of Carol’s book to put together her script, we had to rewrite it for the video script which normally would have resulted in an upcharge of $125.  The price for this video if scripted by the author would be $249.  If we write (or rewrite) the script, $375.  So certainly you can save some $$ by writing your own script.

The script for Dan Sherman’s video came into our hands ready to be voiced.  Dan came into the studio and recorded the voice sessions himself.  The charge for his video (pre-scripted) is $495.  If Dan had not provided the script, the cost would be $629.   Again, writing your own script is a cost savings factor.

To schedule your video book trailer, contact us at 727-535-5425 or



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