Tap Into the Visual, Auditory and Emotional Senses of Your Potential Reader With A Video Book Trailer

Writing and publishing your book is just the first step of many to get your book into the hands of readers. A Video book trailer will help you publicize your book and is an efficient marketing tool.  Known as video book trailers and novel trailers, it’s the marketing tip you’ve been looking for when it comes to knowing how to publicize your novel or book.

Yvonne Charneskey and Carol Perry spent a few minutes last week talking about Video Book Trailers (VBT’s) and came to the same conclusion–they’re pretty neat.  Listen as we discuss ways to use them and how truly powerful they are for publicizing your book.

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“There is only so much marketing copy you can write about your book before you have saturated your target audience. But in one minute or less you can tap into the visual, auditory and emotional senses of your potential reader with a book trailer. Like its cousin the movie trailer, a book trailer is designed to get the buzz going and drive sales, or at least more interest.” Arielle Ford, 2-27-2010 blog post

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