Something Very Cool & Unexpected Happened With Carol Perry’s Video Book Trailer

Find Out Why Intro Pricing for Video Book Trailers Has Been Extended till Friday, September 5th

We received an email from Carol Perry, author of “Caught Dead Handed” this week.  Her book was reviewed by Library Jounral on the Barnes and Noble website and they included a copy of the video book trailer we produced for her with the review.

Here’s what Carol had to say.  “My wonderful book trailer seems to be out there having adventures of its own! It turned up yesterday on the Editorial Review page of the very prestigious Library Journal. Who knew?”

Amazon caught dead handed lo res

This is a totally unexpected turn of events for the use of a video book trailer.  Especially a whiteboard video book trailer because they are so unique.

Here’s the link to the review.  Be sure to scroll down to read the review and take a look at the video:

The book trailer was added to her author page by Kensington Publishing and it attracted enough attention by a reviewer to be used as part of the review.  This means that more potential readers can experience her book in a visual, auditory and emotional way before they purchase a copy.

We had planned to increase the price from $249 to $279 for this particular trailer on September 1st.  But…because of the holiday being Monday the 1st and it being a vacation day, and also because of this exciting news, we’ve decided to extend the intro price till the end of the week.  Take advantage of this special offer today.  Reserve one before Friday and then write your script at your leisure.

Here are several other uses for a book trailer in case you’re still not convinced of their effectiveness:

  • Send to a bookstore to setup a book signing event
  • Add it to Social Media
  • Add it to your website
  • Place it in your email signature
  • Use it as part of a press release
  • Place it on your author page on your publisher’s website
  • As a way to interest the press or a blogger to write about your book
  • And my personal favorite–so that a literary reviewer might see it and be impressed by it

We have worked with dozens of authors to produce all types of video book trailers (also known as novel trailers).  Just like it’s cousin, the movie trailer, it’s a short video that authors use to publicize their book.  With the whiteboad videos it doesn’t matter where you live, we can make this happen with the use of technology–so don’t hesitate to consider this no matter where in the USA you live.

We invite you to contact VonHenry Media today at 727-535-5425 to discover how easy it is to publicize your budget friendly whiteboard explainer videos book trailer.  Here are examples:

By The way:  Carol Perry has a booksigning at the Library in Madera Beach.  Here’s a link for more information:

And while VonHenry Media is not an official advertising agency, we do know quite a lot about online marketing and publicizing products online using video.  Contact us today to see how we can help you–a client, with marketing vehicles of all types.




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