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So you’ve done a lot of planning and preparation, and you’re ready to film your first YouTube video. Many times we’re asked, “what should I wear?”

It’s often easier to answer with what you shouldn’t wear. You should not wear white, red, stripes, wild patterns or bright colors. Instead opt for a pastel or muted shirt that will bring out the color of your eyes or your skin.

In the video you’ll see examples of what not to wear. Probably the most important what not to wear tip is don’t wear stripes, because they can trick the camera into looking at your shirt like it’s moving or crawling on it’s own. It’s called a moire pattern. We’ve included an example in the video.

You want your viewers to be focused on your message, not distracted by the image of your shirt which seems to be moving around on you. They will miss your entire message, trust me.

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