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Did you know that Les Paul and Mary Ford used to set up their microphone and record their music in motel bathrooms when they were traveling? They really wanted that reverberant sound, and tile walled bathrooms certainly gave it to them.

Times have changed since the 50s and 60s, and you want to control the amount of reflective sound when you are making a video. There are several ways to do that.

Most of them involve some kind of material like carpet tiles or foam acoustical tiles placed around and behind the video camera so that your voice doesn’t reflect off of the wall behind you.

Foam acoustical tiles are available at places like Sam Ash and The Guitar Center. Simple carpet tiles from the carpet store will pretty much do the same thing.

Another way to limit the amount of reflective sound is to use a Lavalier Microphone. We encourage you to invest in the best quality your budget will allow.

Once again we emphasize to you that sound is 80% of your project. People will click off of a poor sounding video almost immediately. Again minimizing distractions like poor sound quality allows your message to connect with your audience.

VonHenry Media Inc. has been helping clients make YouTube videos for more than 10 years. Contact us if you need a little help or encouragement to improve the quality of your YouTube videos. We can be reached at 727-535-5425.

VonHenry Media Inc.
VonHenry Media Inc.