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“It’s an exciting time for authors to have a video trailer. They have excellent options to get their story in front of billions of eyeballs. Social media makes an author’s video piece highly accessible to a wide variety of potential customers.”

and. . .”According to Mary Ann Zissimos, former Harper Collins senior publicist, the video trailer can be an efficient, non-text way to get your book in front of website editors and book reviewers who might otherwise disregard yet another press release.”    October issue, Writer’s Digest

NOTE:  Unless otherwise stated, all images supplied by VonHenry Media are from an existing clip art gallery.  We are able to use artwork or specific illustrations  supplied by our clients.  The illustrations must be in the public domain and not copyrighted by anyone.  VonHenry Media can also offer Photoshop services for a fee.  Script writing services are also available.

It’s easy…no matter where you live–we can produce your compelling Whiteboard Explainer Video Book Trailer in about a week!

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